Executive Committee

Skyler NixSkyler Nix, Chair


Greetings! My name is Skyler Nix and I have the honor of serving as the Ft. Huachuca section Chair. I grew up in Albuquerque, NM, and joined the U.S. Army as a 33W Military Intelligence Systems Integrator/Maintainer after graduating high school. During my active duty years I served in 102nd MI BN in Cp. Essayons, Korea and 742nd MI BN in Ft. Meade, MD. Since leaving the military in 2007 I have worked for a multitude of defense contracting companies in various roles such as electronics installation and maintenance, satellite communications, training development, and software sustainment. I recently graduated from the University of Arizona where I completed a BASc in Network Administration. I am interested in small-form-factor computing devices, computer gaming, benchmarking, home networks, and social engineering prevention. 2016 will be my first year as a non-student IEEE member and I am very excited to focus on member recruitment and retention in the Ft. Huachuca section. I welcome any member and associate input to the Ft. Huachuca section on the things we do well and things that we can improve on.

RandyBrittoRandy Britto, Vice Chair


Hello, my name is Randy Britto and I am your 2016 section Vice Chair. I’ve been working on software development six years for the US Army. Prior to that I worked in the semiconductor industry producing automotive ASIC motor control components for GM, Hyundai, Toyota and Nissan. I’ve been an IEEE member for over 20 years and find all facets of engineering truly fascinating. The real benefit to working in an engineering role is working with talented and brilliant engineers who are able to envision solutions for the future. I look forward to meeting and learning from everyone in our section.

DavonDavon Williams, Treasurer


Hello everyone! My name is Davon Williams, AKA ‘Final Centry’ and I recently moved to Sierra Vista, AZ from Augusta, GA for job purposes. I have been a tech enthusiast and gamer from an early age and have loved everything to do with technology and computing. My dream is to become a professional gamer and product tester for new and upcoming technologies. I am currently a software engineer that does programming and gaming as a hobby. I also just got into streaming games online and making videos. My other hobbies include anime and more gaming. I recently graduated from Georgia Southern University with a BS in Computer Science and have a brother who is an IT enthusiast that also went to GSU. I collect a lot of cool gadgets like the Oculus Rift and Google Glass so I plan on presenting those technologies in the upcoming year as I start working on my documentary where I’ll let people know how you can go from an average gamer to a professional gamer. I don’t get out much because my hobbies take most of my time but I look forward to working with everyone this upcoming year to make the section great. I hope to see you all there!

ClarkeMoyerClarke Moyer, Webmaster


Hello, my name is Clarke Moyer and I am your 2016 section Webmaster. Since leaving the US Army as a 33W (35T) I have worked for several great contracting companies. My services have focused primarily on information technology support of military intelligence organizations. This support has spanned both conventional and Special Forces at different echelons as well as each of the 4 military branches.  I am currently employed by Sotera Defense Solutions as the DCGS-A Integration Contract (DAI) Senior Systems Engineer / IT Project Manager. For a full listing of my experience and education, please connect with me on LinkedIn! I currently hold over 10 certifications including PMP, VCP-Cloud, and VCP5-DCV. I hold several degrees including AS-ET (CC), BS-IT (WGU), MBA-ITM (WGU), GC-PM (UMUC), and I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree DBA-ITM with Capella University. Throughout my life I have directly contributed to several charities and I have served on several charity boards. I am now actively involved in the Stillwell’s Learning Foundation, and the IEEE. In addition, while deployed to Afghanistan I founded and funded a small nonprofit called FreeForCharity.org. This charity for charities seeks to replace as many functions as possible that current nonprofits pay for to for-profit companies with free or at cost work from our campus, on site projects, or partnerships with other entities. I am married to April Moyer and we have one child Autumn Moyer. Also living with us are our two cats, Hot Pepper and Rosie. We focus on doing fun things around the house, local outing like Sabino Canyon and Ramsey Canyon hikes.